Our Burkinabae Home Collection releases July 2021

SUNGLASSES (Burkinabaé Couture Eyewear)

Crystal Moon- Couture eyewear


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Crystal Moon- Couture eyewear
Crystal Moon- Couture eyewear


Los Angeles is known for its bright city lights, but that is not the most beautiful scene we’ve ever seen, well what is it you ask? Well one of them that we have experienced, is the big bright crystal moon peeping over the Hollywood hills. These Burkinabae sunglasses are inspired by the very moon itself. Its shimmering surface and all the life it embodies. These large rimmed sunnies are embellished with rows of Egyptian crystals on each lens as well as random placements high-end Czech Preciosa crystals. Placement of Large crystals may vary. Each item is one of a kind. 


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