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Tripoli-Wire earrings


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Tripoli-Wire earrings
Tripoli-Wire earrings
Tripoli-Wire earrings

We could describe these earrings as hand woven metal. Yards of multi layered wire are twisted and turned to perfection. Within each pair lies it’s own unique piece of wearable art.

These oblong rectangular wire-wrapped earrings feature medium size looping designs and are adorned with the high quality single crystals. Over a dozen Swarovski crystals adorn earring in an artisanal way. 

Please note: each earring may be designed slightly differently. The materials and overall design are the same for each pair. 


 Measures: 10 cm by 3 cm 

Silver Style: Materials: aluminum wire, metal, Swarovski Crystals (Lightweight)

Gold Style: Materials: gold colored hard metal wire, metal, Swarovski Crystals. (Medium weight)