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Mossi the Third Wall Decor - Mossi Empire


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Mossi the Third Wall Decor - Mossi Empire
Mossi the Third Wall Decor - Mossi Empire
Mossi the Third Wall Decor - Mossi Empire
Love a classic Mossi print accented frame? This is the decor for you. Elegant but bold, classic black and white. Can be hung vertically or horizontally. The Mossi print display measures 5" x 7". Photo Frame Measures 10” x 19.7”
Mossi Print 
  • Black finish frame
  • White mat ouverture 
  • Hanging hardware is pre-attached
  • MDF and glass

Read about the Collection

The Mossi Empire reigned in modern day Burkina Faso for many centuries; to this day it is still known and classified as one of the most powerful and long lasting kingdoms to ever have ruled in Africa. This Burkinabae Home Collection- Mossi Empire- is inspired by the beauty and awe of the Mossi Kingdom and the very people who make up the fabric of the land. This print is always handrawn, with our pens flowing where they may, we create a beautiful juxtapostion of lines, dots, and abstract shapes. Burkinabae Mossi Print... This collection emulates the intricacy, detail, and complexity of the Mossi culture. 


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