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Press/ Projects

We've done some pretty cool stuff! Check it out below

 Beyoncé's "Push Party Baby Shower (2017)




1st and 2nd Annual "Wearable Art Gala"

We have set up an African Headwraping bar at the 1st and 2nd annual Wearable Art Gala. This event is presented by the "Waco Theater." a theater owned by Tina and Richard Lawson. The event takes place in the Los Angeles Area each year. Check out their website for more information. https://wacotheatercenter.com/

1st Annual (2017)

2nd Annual (2018)


Janet Jackson Social Media video (2018)


WizKid Ft Drake "Closer" Music Video (2017)



French Montana "Unforgettable"  Music Video (2017)