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Kabore Queen Hoops- Les Colures (Patchwork)


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Kabore Queen Hoops- Les Colures (Patchwork)
Kabore Queen Hoops- Les Colures (Patchwork)
Kabore Queen Hoops- Les Colures (Patchwork)

Designed with a tri-color patchwork pattern these Queen Hoops can be worn with a plethora of different outfits. Mix it up with one or all three of the featured colors! #Bebold 

Our world renown "Queen Hoops" have been in production for over five years now. They made their grand debut when we produced all the accessories for “Queen B” Herself at her 2017 “Push Party” baby shower.

Soon after this event our “Queen Hoops” became a fan favorite, BOLD but LIGHT we have perfected our technique with each pair!

Our Queen Hoops are always based on hypoallergenic hoops with surgical steel posts.

Introducing Our “Kabore Queen Hoops” fully hand wrapped from end to end with fabric accents in the middle. These hoops are a smaller version of our originals with their diameter measuring approximately 1.5 inches.

Our hoops are designed with a variety of materials including cotton, African Wax fabric, Lycra/Spandex, or Embroidered Lace, or jean material.

* Extra Light
* Gold Wire

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