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Latex Zebra- Burkinabaé Headwrap


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Latex Zebra- Burkinabaé Headwrap
Latex Zebra- Burkinabaé Headwrap

Let’s adorn our heads with these Burkinabaé headwraps! Now wider than ever with at least 20 inches in width, these double sided headwraps provide full coverage!!! 

From date night, to wash day, from a quick fix to full adornment with matching Burkinabae accessories, our head wraps are Bae!



*Textured latex   

*Check out our Instagram for styling tips and tricks. 

* All wraps are double sided

* wraps measure between 20 and 22 inches in width and 68 to 70 inches in length. 

*machine washable 

*other accessories in shown in image not included


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