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Mossi Empire and Gold-Scrunched Kabore Queen Hoops


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Mossi Empire and Gold-Scrunched Kabore Queen Hoops

These Burkinabaé Queen Hoop earrings are a part of our “Mossi Empire Collection”. This Collection is inspired by the beauty and awe of the Mossi Kingdom and the very people who make up the fabric of the land in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

This print is handrawn, with our pens flowing as they may we create a beautiful juxtaposition of lines, dots, and abstract shapes that make up our Burkinabaé Mossi Print… This collection exudes the intricacy, detail, and complexity of the Mossi culture.

Earring Specs: 

based on a 1 inch hoop 

hypoallergenic post

Features custom printed Mossi Empire fabric 


Gold colored textured fabric