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Burkinabaé Accessory Rentals

                                                   Burkinabaé Rental Info

                           Let us turn your photoshoot into a phenomenal success!

Looking for the ideal accessory to complete that coveted look, style, or mood for your fashion shoot?
                                                             We can help!

At Burkinabae, we collaborate with designers to create a fashion experience like no other, bringing to life amazing visions. From our extravagant eyewear and colorful headwraps to ourfringe necklaces and statement jewelry, we've got everything you need to deliver a chic andcoordinated look.

                   A Burkinabae, High-end fashions don't have to be inaccessible.

We offer high-end, photoshoot styling solutions that accommodate the most diverse needs of our clients. Now you can add to your repertoire of styling tricks by pulling our deluxe accessories for your special moments.

 We offer rentals to industry professionals, wardrobe stylists, professional photographers, couture models, as well as participants in upcoming fashion production events. 

                                                          How Pulling works

A pull letter is a document we issue you in exchange for our accessories. It shows that you accept responsibility for these items and agree to compensate us in case the items get damaged, lost, or stolen while in your possession.

                                                       Pulling is as easy as ABC

1. Email Request and Project Details and Dates to: Burkinabae@gmail.com


2. Fill out the pull letter we email you back

2. Once Approved, please pay the Burkinabae  Pull/Rental Fee. The fee is FULLY REFUNDABLE upon return of undamaged accessories.

3. Pay custom invoice for actual items being pulled (25% of retail)

4. Schedule pick up day/time and return date. 

YES  We sanitized our accessories before issuing them and after we receive them from our customers. Our rentals are proofed against Covid-19 because we care about your safety.

YES  Our program is fully open and operational during the pandemic.


  *Please understand our brand has full discretion to decide who may pull/rent and how long rentals will be allowed to be rented.