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Return Policy

Burkinabae shall not grant refunds toward any completed purchases. Customer may exchange orders per the following terms:

  • Exchanges must be received by Burkinabae within 14-days following the date of delivery to Customer.

  • To complete exchange requests, customers must fill out the enclosed Exchange Form included in the delivery package, and ship returned items to the specified return address.

  • Upon receipt of returned items, an email notification will be sent to customer notifying them that the exchange is being processed. If the exchange is exceeds the original purchase , the customer is responsible for paying the balance before the exchange item is returned. If the exchange item is less than the original purchase, the customer will receive a store credit which is valid for up to 180 days or 6 months from the return date.
  • All exchanges must be processed within 180-days upon receipt and processing of exchange requests.
  • Burkinabae is responsible for shipping exchange orders within 7-10 days, upon receipt of paid in full exchange orders, directly to customers. If Burkinabae fails to ship exchange items within a 15-day period, (excluding Sundays) following receipt of the exchange order, then and only then, Burkinabae will honor any customer refund requests.